Brooklyn II Dante Module

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Give your products the Dante advantage more quickly and cost effectively than ever before with our most advanced module to date.


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Due to Covid 19 pandemic and Japanese AKM Factory fire, most of manufacturers
having a very hard times to find a way to stock parts and products. Only thing available
these days seems all we could have, things manufactured before last fall.

Rev. 4V1 is very recent revised board which substituted due to discontinue of previous rev.
However it seems no one has it. It will be on newly release WING Dante card, but also
backordered for 6-8 weeks ever since introduced.

This is a Mini-PCI Brooklyn II Dante module Rev. 3B, not actual product to do something itself.
You have to have Dante Brooklyn II ready equipment to get it work.  Difference between 3B and 4V1
seems nothing according to Audinate confirmation. Just replacing discontinued flash memory.

해당 제품은 단테 모듈 부품입니다. 부품 자체로는 아무 역할을 하지 못하고, 규격에 맞는 제품에만 장착해 사용할 수 있습니다.
현재 최근 보드 버젼은 4V1입니다. 새로 출시될 WING Dante에도 탑재됩니다. 판매되는 버젼은 3B이고
차이는 B1에 사용된 플래시 메모리 단종으로 다시 만든 것 뿐이라고 Audinate은 이야기 합니다.

4V1 from other vendor will not work on WING includes NY64-D. WING can recognize but nothing on Dante Controller.

Check product link below, also pdf provided.
제품설명은 아래 링크의 사이트를 참조하시기 바랍니다.


Installation on Behringer WING videos below. Installation is fairly simple but
it may void your Behringer Product Warranty in case any related problem occurs.
Consult your Local Music Tribe or Product Manufacturer Service Center.
제품 설치는 아주 단순합니다만, 관련 고장시 제조사 보증수리의 문제가 생길 수 있습니다.

Shipping by International EMS post. 국내 배송은 무료 택배입니다.

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BNII-01-008, BNII-01-032, BNII-01-064

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